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What is the best car alarm to avoid any theft?

For any car owner, the worst thing that can happen is the theft of your vehicle. To protect against any break-in attempts, there are many systems. We spoke in a previous article of the anti-theft cane , but more discreet and just as effective, we help you today to choose the best car alarm system through this buying guide to secure your car maximum.

The different alarms that exist

Depending on your car safety needs, you will have a choice between different types of wireless car alarms. Ranging from the simplest to the most elaborate and all working with a remote control, let's look at all of these flight warning systems together:

1.The burglar alarm, also known as volumetric car alarm , works thanks to ultrasonic sensors which detect the slightest movement in the car or the least opening of door, break of window, etc ... If this is the case, the audible alarm is declare alerting the attempted theft of the vehicle.

2.The anti-lift alarm is useful and can prevent someone from stealing your wheels, rims, a mechanical part under your car, or can also avoid towing your car by someone dishonest. Its principle of operation is simple: It memorizes the positioning of the car and triggers if it captures a difference of suspicious level (lifting of the vehicle).

3.The anti car jacking alarm . This type of alarm will be triggered automatically if someone tries to open a door while the engine is running. In this case, the driver will have a few seconds to be recognized by the alarm system. If it is not, the alarm will sound an alarm and prohibit the restart of the vehicle.

4.The car alarm gps embeds with it a system of satellite geolocation of your vehicle which can be found very easily in case of problems.

5.The connected alarm will allow you to receive in real time on your smartphone or tablet an alert about the safety of your vehicle.

What alarm do I need for my car?
Among all the features mentioned above, you will certainly not need all of them. Just installing an alarm in your car will discourage many potential thieves who will see it. There is even a type of fake car alarm that we obviously do not recommend, but the simple fact that it exists allows us to understand the deterrent nature of an alarm system.

Depending on your daily journeys, where you park your car at work and at home (parking, enclosed box, etc ...), some options will be more important than others. Some will favor a noisy alarm that rings all night long to scare away any burglar, while others will prefer a silent car alarm equipped with a GPS in order to recover his car with the car. help from the police.

What is the best battery booster of the moment?

For reasons of safety in the car, it is strongly recommended to have always stored in its trunk a battery booster . Allowing you to restart a vehicle with a dead battery, there are dozens of different models. So which one to choose? We help you today by offering you the best battery boosters available today.

What is the purpose of a battery booster?
A booster booster is a small car accessory consisting of a compact box containing a battery and two clamps. It is very useful in case of low or discharged battery. By plugging directly on it, it will give you the opportunity to reload slightly to restart the vehicle.

In terms of its operation, the battery booster is quite similar to an external mobile phone battery, in large format. It charges directly on the mains or with a cigarette lighter plug, and stores energy as a portable battery. Its goal is not to fully recharge a battery, but to provide just enough energy for the engine to get back on track.

Having a booster in your trunk as a prevention is therefore widely recommended. It takes up very little space and can save you from expensive towing.

How to use a booster booster?
The use of a booster is very simple and you can get out of a battery failure very easily. First of all, make sure that the booster is recharged thanks to the charge indicator or according to the test button models.

Next, connect the red clip to the positive terminal of your car's battery. Hang the black clip on a vehicle ground, ie any other unpainted metal part of the car, this may be a bolt for example or an unpainted part of the chassis.

After that, turn on the booster and wait a few minutes before trying to turn on the ignition and start your car. In most cases, your car will start the first time, but it may also happen that you have to do this again a second time. In this case wait 5min with the booster connected then start again.

When your engine is running, be careful to disconnect the battery booster clamps in the correct order. Always remove the black clip first, then the red one.

Criteria for choosing your battery booster
On the market you will find two types of booster:

The start boosters standard , or first generation, have a fairly heavy battery because it uses lead. They are very powerful and sometimes include additional features (mini compressor, LED lamp, etc ...). They have the advantage of being sturdy but their sizes and weights are however a disadvantage for some. In addition, the lead contained in the battery makes it sensitive to cold and must be well maintained.