Professional Scriptwriting & Formatting – You’ve invested months (maybe years) writing the best script you can. Before you submit it, make sure it’s presented in a professional package that includes professional script formatting and expert proofreading. Emil will conform your script to standard screenplay format for a finished product that’s guaranteed to make a strong first impression. We can work from a hard copy or a computer file (which saves us time and saves you money).

Retyping of a script from hard copy:

ü (​75,000) less than 60 pages.

ü (100,000) 120 pages or more.

Reformatting of a script from an electronic file:

ü (​50,000) less than 60 pages.

ü (​75,000) 120 pages or more.

Screenplay_Short (100, 000) – Emil will read your script (anything less than 60 pages) and provide notes needed to improve the script. After the initial consultation, Emil will then re-write the script to your satisfaction.

Screenplay_Feature (250,000) – Emil will read your whole script. After the initial consultation, Emil will then re-write the script to your satisfaction.

Literary Adaptations (​500,000) – Emil will work to turn your favourite literary opus into a cinematic masterpiece! Please email for more info.

Writing for TV – Emil will work for peanuts on your television series on a pay-by-episode agreement:

ü  (65,000) per episode for half-hour scripted TV.

ü  (95,000) per episode for hour-long scripted TV.

ü  (120,000) for Pilot episode hour-long scripted TV.

ü  (​300,000) for full series script development, including Series Bible, Pilot, and scripted episodes.

Training & Consultation – As one of the foremost creative minds working within the film industry, Emil offers screenplay training and consultation services for various high-profile media companies and clients. These include seminars, workshops, and entertainment media events. Contact Emil for further info.

*Some fees are open to negotiation (depending on if Emil likes you or not!

*The service comes with a non-negotiable "Screenplay By" credit unless otherwise stated. Co-writing credit is negotiable.


Ready for the next step?

1. Email the script to ratedeproductions@hotmail.comEmil accepts scripts in Microsoft WordPDF, or Final Draft format. He also accepts hard copies, but why spend money on packaging and postage?

2. Emil accepts cold hard cash for his work – half upfront and the remainder on delivery of a satisfactory script. Turnaround times are subject to change, depending on volume. So get started - not now, but RIGHT NOW!

And please don’t hesitate to contact Emil with any questions or concerns.

For services, pay into account:

Account name: Emil Biobelemoye Garuba

Account no: 1490532083417

Sort code: 014081497

Bank: Mainstreet Bank Ltd.

Branch: Area 7, Garki-Abuja

Email your BANK SLIP #, your FULL NAME & SCRIPT TITLE to:

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