Written by Emil B. Garuba


DJ is a handyman who dreams of a better life. He meets and falls in love with YASMIN, the beautiful mistress of his employer ALHAJI UMAR, and they plan to be together forever. When Alhaji Umar is mysteriously murdered, DJ discovers the body and leaves the scene of the crime with $1 million in a black bag. He and Yasmin quickly leave town, hoping to spend the rest of their lives together. However, members of THE SYNDICATE, Alhaji Umar’s underworld associates contact a problem-solver called FAROUK THE FIXER, who hires a ruthless assassin known as THE ALGERIAN to track down the couple and retrieve the black bag. The bag carries a LEDGER containing names, dates, and fraudulent dealings of all Syndicate members. They must get it back at all costs.

Also on the trail of the ledger is JOHN GANA of the EFCC, a relentless crusader against corruption, who wants to bring down the syndicate. After a series of chases, murders, and mishaps, DJ and Yasmin hatch a plan to expose the syndicate, keep the money, and escape free and clear. But will their plan succeed?

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The story is inspired by true events that took place in the very real world of corruption within the Nigerian banking sector in 2010. Situations in the background are common knowledge, but what transpires between the two protagonists and their adversaries only enhances what we know from reading the papers and watching the news.

For a more detailed treatment or completed screenplay, please contact me by emailemilgaruba@hotmail.com(Serious inquiries only)

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Emil @ Rated E

August 2012




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