Home Video Integrity Award (HOMEVIDA) is a film award platform driving creative messaging on integrity and value change through the FILMS, whilst also providing opportunity for branding and product promotion for businesses. The platform provides incentives for talented Nigerian film makers to mainstream integrity values in their films. It is designed as a partnership between non-profit, public and private organizations to promote core national and corporate values that are the foundation for nation building, whilst promoting the businesses that support it.

The HOMEVIDA platform currently comprises:

    Capacity Building and Sensitization Workshops
    The workshops aim to improve technical and creative skill for mainstreaming values and integrity messages in film productions, whilst attracting new talent to Nollywood. HOMEVIDA intends to bring accomplished scriptwriters, directors and teachers from other jurisdictions to facilitate the skill building sessions. The workshops present an opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of the Nigerian Film industry.

    The Annual Film Awards
    A bouquet of competitive film prizes endowed by organizations or institutions. The winning film will need to meet a preset criteria, strategically drawn up to ensure that the film best models the integrity value that the endowing institution/organization represents or chooses to model, and that its mainstreams anti corruption messaging including other developmental issues of choice.
    Annual Short film Script Competitions
    To further consolidate ongoing national and anti – corruption reforms in the country whilst targeting the youth, HOMEVIDA has put up short film script competitions focusing on young people between the ages of 16 – 30 using the film award preset criteria as basis. Shortlisted winning scripts will be turned into short films and same is entered into the HOME VIDEO INTEGRITY AWARD short film category.

    The criteria are arrived at by us, and our partners working with skilled specialists, and the endowing institution. It is then disseminated to all script writers, directors and producers in Nigeria in good time to influence their choice of genre, characters and plot in which their stories are told. Shortlisted final films will be promoted on national TV in order for all Nigerians to watch them and vote for which film they feel is the best in the various prize categories. 

    Click here to see a script sample.

    Television is the most powerful and one of the fastest communication platforms for information dissemination, awareness generation and empowerment, coupled with an on – going interactive short messaging service (SMS) which is the fastest communication platform, the combination thus becomes one of the best platforms to convey the values chosen by the endowing organizations – this is the essence of HOMEVIDA. The Platform’s advantage is in the number of people across Africa and beyond that will watch these competing films and imbibe the value that they present. It is also an awesome opportunity for any institution or organization to communicate, educate and influence people along the lines of the ideals for which it is established. HOMEVIDA also presents a tremendous opportunity for marketing and brand re-enforcement for businesses, as the platform can provide the most veritable access to the homes and hearts of Nollywood’s  over 200 million viewers across Africa and the Diaspora.

    Since its inception, HOMEVIDA has proudly produced 9 short films, including the award winning TO SERVE WITH ALL OUR STRENGTH, written by 2012 short script competition winner Alexandrs Hul and directed by AMAA winner Ishaya Bako in the Afrinolly 2013 Short Film competition. 

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    About the Public and Private Development Centre (PPDC)

    PPDC is an initiative of the Public and Private Development Centre Ltd by Guarantee (PPDC), a Nigerian citizenship sector organization that seeks to assist and empower ordinary people capture the public space, and participate in governance and development in a way that prevents corruption (please visit www.procurement monitor.org, . HOMEVIDA is currently implemented in collaboration with the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) – and guilds in the Nigerian Film Industry: Association of movie producers (AMP), Scriptwriters Guild of Nigeria (SWGN), Directors Guild of Nigeria (DGN) – , and Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN). It is managed by the Homevida Technical Board.


    For further information, please contact the Homevida Implementation Team: info@homevida.org

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