Screenplays by Emil B. Garuba, courtesy of Rated E. All work listed here has been WGA registered or otherwise copyrighted. Click on titles to read the full script or sample pages. For full details, please email Enjoy!

MOVING ON (2013)

Over the course of one night, a young couple attempts to maintain their friendship after a breakup but find it harder than they thought upon realizing they still have feelings for each other.


Taye and Angela went through a messy breakup after years of dating. They gave themselves time apart to think things through and decided to stay friends. When Taye suggests they hang out like they used to by inviting Angela over to dinner and a movie, they discuss what went wrong with their relationship and if they can ever move forward as friends. Over the course of one evening truths are shared, tears are shed, and their future together is called into question with the realization that they might still have feelings for each other. Will they end up together or decide to remain apart?

STATUS: Completed

GENRE: Drama/Romance/60 min

WRITER: Emil B. Garuba

The story is akin to a stage play with a minimalist plot but heavy on dialogue, where the two characters' ideas and perspectives on life and love are detailed. It explores the relationship side of life and two strong modern African characters discovering who they really are individually and as a couple.


When confronted by the neighborhood bully, 10 year old Bendu relies on an old African fable to save the day... and his precious bicycle. 

Inspired by the African folk tale about "The Fox and the Leopard", HOW BENDU BEAT THE BULLY is an anti-bullying advocacy piece that champions the theme of brain over brawn and the wisdom of the elders!  Written as my entry to the Beautiful Africa short script writing project that shows positive images of African people, traditions, and wisdom. 

STATUS: Complete

GENRE: Family/9 minutes

TRANSFER aka How To Steal 350 Million Without Really Trying! [2012]

Felix Okon, diligent accountant and upstanding family man, receives a call from a mysterious stranger called Simon while working late one night at the office. Simon informs Felix that he has kidnapped his wife and daughter and instructs him to transfer 350 million from a corporate account in 20 minutes or else Felix’s family will meet a tragic end. Simon says DON’T HANG UP, DON’T RAISE THE ALARM, and DON’T ASK QUESTIONS!!! The clock is ticking…

If u like tense, low-budget, mind-bending thrillers with a cast of ONE, then TRANSFER is a must-read!

STATUS: In-production

GENRE: Thriller/10 min

DIRECTOR: Beedof Abireh

WRITER: Emil B. Garuba

A Short Film produced by Rondesigns Ltd. in association with Rated E Productions…  COMING SOON!

Cinderella: A Survivor's Story [2012]

On a dark stormy night, a pregnant young girl is admitted into the ER with no memory of who she is or how she came about her current condition. As the night progresses and with the help of a caring doctor, her memory slowly returns and with it a tale of sorrow, pain, and ultimately triumph.

STATUS: Complete
GENRE: Drama/15 min

A 15 minute drama inspired by the classic fairytale but written as a contemporary piece for issues surrounding the girl child as it relates to Millennium Development Goals (MDG'S). This story reemphasizes the reality of child abuse in Nigeria and will act as a public awareness campaign. NGOs working with abused children are welcome to lend their name and support to this project.


A lonely businesswoman hires a high class gigolo for a night out on the town. Things don't end well!  

Part 1 of my Africa After Dark series of shorts. This story was cannibalized from an earlier feature script I wrote about high-class gigolos in Nigeria. I took a few scenes from the end of Act 1, tweaked them, and ended up with this. I thought it would be fun to see Act 1 end in a different way. It's inspired  by a lot of things - Nelly Furtado's hit single springs to mind, and possibly an urban legend or two.

I'm hoping to have this filmed by the end of the year so watch this space for more info...

STATUS: Complete
GENRE: Horror/10 min

Bayelsa Boys (2012)

A late night home invasion exposes one family to the horrors of gang violence.

Originally intended to be a 90 minute action/drama, I wrote this as a prologue to the larger story. Expect the feature length script soon...

STATUS: Complete
GENRE: Drama/5 min

Lovestruck [2010]

Inspired by real events, LOVESTRUCK is a story about DJ and Yasmin, a young couple trying to start a new life for themselves using money stolen from Yasmin’s criminal ex-lover. They soon find themselves on the run from a ruthless assassin and a relentless EFCC Official intent on bringing them in. It's an edge-of-your-seat thrillride set in the nation's capital that will leave you wanting more!

STATUS: Complete
GENRE: Thriller/120 min



AWARDSemifinalist, November 2011 Best Script Award Amazon Studios

In the distant future, an elite warrior goes up against the forces of a powerful Empire as he seeks revenge for the murder of his lord and master at the hands of by a corrupt nobleman.

This was my second screenplay after ELSEWORLD, written as my graduate thesis. I am currently adapting this to an African setting but you can read it in it's original form. Plus, I hear Keanu Reeves is attached to a big-budget hollywood reimagining of the same story called the 47 RONIN. I'll go watch it.

STATUS: Complete
GENRE: Sci-Fi/120 min
PRICE: Negotiable

Elseworld [1998]

In the mythical undersea civilization of Atlantis, a noble soldier turned fugitive risks all to save his people from a power-mad tyrant. During his quest to find his way home, he discovers a whole new world and wonders far beyond the frontiers of his and anyone’s imagination.

STATUS: Complete

GENRE: Animated Adventure/120 min
PRICE: Negotiable 


My first ever feature-length screenplay. This got optioned back in 1999 by a German production company trying out their brand-spanking new animation department. I got a nice fat check in the mail for a year's option on something I wrote over the summer break. It was one of the happiest days of my life! Later, I heard Disney was developing a similar project (Atlantis: The Lost Empire) which promptly got my script tossed into the "maybe" pile. The rights returned to me after a year and sadly the production company folded. Bummer.


Any-hoo, I'd love everyone to experience ELSEWORLD in any type of medium. It's not on the site yet because I've gone and deleted the file (stupid Emil!) with only a few printed hard-copies in a box somewhere in my cousin's garage. Hopefully the script will see the light of day. To be continued...

Mr. Lecturer [2011]

A short film modelling the consequences of ethical behavior of public officials. Set in a popular state university, a lecturer faces temptation when he's offered a bribe by a student. Sponsored by the Public Conduct Bureau Short Film Project (2011)

STATUS: Completed
GENRE: Short Drama

Tinsel [M-Net Africa 2011]

Season 4 of M-Net Africa's first Nigerian soap opera. Shot on location in Lagos,Nigeria,with the most sublime filming/programming artistry,TINSEL is that thought-provoking daily soap-opera that the Nigerian film industry can be proud of.

A compelling storyline of romance,passion and intrigue in a world of glamour,TINSEL brings to the fore, the utopian representation of the Nigerian film industry of our dreams...

STATUS: Ongoing
GENRE: Half-hour soap

Gigolo - [Allied Films 2010]

A sexy thriller coming soon to a cinema near you!

STATUS: Complete
GENRE: Thriller

12:30 THE MOVIE - [Impression Films 2010]

12:30 tells the story of two brothers at a crossroads trying to move their family out of the slums. One is an amazing street dancer who's practising to win a dance competition while the other is a brilliant computer programmer who falls in with the wrong crowd. With the stakes so high, can either of them make it out alive?

STATUS: Complete
GENRE: Hip-Hop Drama
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