Emil has many projects that are worthy of investigation. In fact, he is a serious workaholic. This page keeps tabs on the current status of each of his ongoing projects. As each project is completed, it will be retired from this page onto the Fade In page. Basically, this is the concept page. As time goes on, Emil will be sectioning off projects (Features, TV, Direct-to-DVD, Treatments, and general ideas).

Emil is currently developing the following Spec Projects...


Africa After Dark Series

Genre: Horror/Anthology


An anthology of horror, suspense, and supernatural/fantasy-themed short stories from the heart of Africa. Projects will include titles like:






More titles to follow...

The Social Circle

Genre: Thriller


An introverted young banker finds his mundane life infused with some excitement after striking up a friendship with a charismatic businessman who introduces him to an underground world of sex, betrayal, greed, and murder.

Status: First Draft coming soon...


Genre: Magazine TV Show


StreetMic is a proudly Nigerian Urban Entertainment music TV channel that delivers pop-culture from the neighborhood to the boardroom. StreetMic provides a vast range of information, education, and entertainment from street interviews, opinions, celeb interviews, red carpet, and a credible 360 degree fun to your doorstep.

Coming soon in 2012...


The Tai Show

Genre: Food & Lifestyle Show


The Tai Show is primarily a food based programme geared to touch lives as well as educate, entertain and inform Africans at large. The Show is carefully designed to awaken all Africans worldwide with the spirit of togetherness, learning a new revolutionary and powerful way of affecting lives positively. 

Coming soon in 2012...

Best Actress

Genre: Romantic Comedy


BEST ACTRESS is an ambitious project still in the script stage. It is the first project to come under the Rated E banner. Hopefully I'll be done writing it soon. I'd like producers who can work with a large cast of characters, some larger than life, to really visualize the concept and make BEST ACTRESS a ground-breaking movie and a welcome addition to Africa cinema...

The Savage Game

Genre: Action/Drama


The second project coming under the Rated E banner, THE SAVAGE GAME is an intense action drama that will push the level of Nollywood filmmaking to the limit! I'm keeping the story details under wraps for now, but trust me, this hasn't been done before. It'll be worth the wait. I'm also thinking of directing this myself, so fingers crossed.

Cherish: A Love Story

Genre: Romance/Drama


When an unrepentant womanizer finds himself drawn to a romantic free-spirited woman named Cherish, he comes to reconsider his ideas of true love and life.

Untitled Lovestruck Sequel

Genre: Action/Thriller


The further adventures of John Gana of the EFCC... 

The Faithful

Genre: Faith Based/Drama


Inspired by the biblical story of Job, Pastor Victor Akman is a righteous man whose faith is tested when he loses his family, his ministry, and everything he cares for. What follows is a journey of self-discovery and perseverance as Victor slowly picks up the pieces of his life against all odds and starts to live again.

The Harem

Genre: Drama


Aisha, a beautiful young girl, is abducted and sold as a slave in the Sultan’s palace. Because of her extraordinary beauty, she’s chosen to live in the harem - a cloistered realm of concubines and watchful eunuchs. There she must peel away the veils of secrecy and embark on a journey of self-discovery… but is the lure of a forbidden world worth the ultimate price?

Clara’s Child

Genre: Supernatural Thriller


Clara, a young pregnant woman, is given a prediction that her unborn child is destined to change the world. However, there are forces that would prevent that from happening.

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