Emil B. Garuba is the Creative Director of Rated E Productions which specializes in content development for Film & TV production as well as documentary, commercial & music videos, including screenplay editing and packaging. As one of the foremost creative minds working within Nigeria’s film industry, Emil is a screenwriter with a powerful and unstoppable work ethic and passion to develop and produce entertaining, inspiring and important films, documentaries, programming and media.

Emil studied Creative Writing and Political Science at the University of Central Oklahoma, where he received a BA in 1998 before pursuing a career as a professional screenwriter and script editor. He has since written over five feature-length screenplays, numerous short films, and television shows including Tinsel, M-Net Africa's first Nigerian soap opera. Emil’s experience includes screenplay writing, training, consultation, and marketing of narrative films & television shows for various high-profile media companies and clients including the Home Video Integrity Award (HOMEVIDA) an initiative of the Public and Private Development Center (PPDC), a Nigerian Citizenship sector organization that seeks to assist and empower ordinary citizens to participate in governance and development.

Currently, Emil is developing multiple exciting and important projects for the African Film & TV market including managing Rated E Script Service, an online screenplay consultation service.

As an independent filmmaker, some of Emil’s strongest traits are persistence, creativity, enthusiasm and a passion for the entire filmmaking process. Emil approaches filmmaking with what he calls the “Rocky Balboa Attitude”, as long as you keep fighting and you don’t quit, you never fail. It doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down, smacked around or beat up; as long as you don’t stay down you always have an opportunity to succeed. The key is to be persistent, passionate and persistent.


Emil refers to himself in the third person for marketing purposes only. He hopes you don’t find it too annoying. Also, he has no life he's aware of, so he's almost always available to work. Sad when you think about it...

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