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Rated E Productions can help transform your movie idea into a sought-after screenplay - let us show you how.

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Do you have an amazing story that would captivate viewers once it became a movie, if only you could find a screenwriter for hire? Or… are you a too-busy producer who needs expert help from a screenwriter ASAP? Or an author who’d love to have a screenplay adaptation of your book? If it’s a high caliber screenwriter you want to take the reins and make your idea really come to life, you’ve come to the right place.

Rated E Productions is a boutique service that provides top drawer screenplays. Drawing on your passion, your interest and your intriguing, beguiling story, we can turn it into gold. We can make it a viable, strong, sellable, and moving PROFESSIONAL SCREENPLAY.

We offer professionalism, 10 plus years writing screenplays and a passion ourselves for creating an outstanding movie script.

Our clients are people like you – you believe strongly in your idea, it has some semblance of a beginning, middle and end, and you’re serious about having it developed into a first rate screenplay. If this is you and you either don’t have the experience or don’t have the time to do it yourself, we’re here for you. Visit our Services page for our full range of services, including help for existing screenwriters. Then contact us so we can discuss the possibilities!


In our bid to create meaningful character-driven, high concept stories for the African film and TV market, the Rated E Productions team has set up the Pitch Center page dedicated to original transmedia works intended for sale or development. Producers and industry professionals seeking content are free to browse the page.

Featured titles cover regular TV series, Mini-Series, Web-Series, Movie-of-the-Week, Graphic Novels, Games, and other media formats.

Please contact the Rated E Team for full details on any of the featured titles: (Serious inquiries only)


Hi, I'm Emil, a professional screenwriter currently based in Abuja, Nigeria. Welcome to my website. 

Please feel free to browse my diverse portfolio of available Scripts, Treatments, and Projects. For any further details or if you would like me to help with your project, please email me at:

Thanks for checking in. I hope you enjoy your visit.


Disclaimer: None of the actors or musicians represented on Rated E have any involvement or association with this website. Their likeness is merely used to enhance the scripts and help readers picture the characters.

Featured Scipt


DJ and Yasmin fall in love and attempt to start a new life for themselves using money stolen from her ex, ruthless businessman Alhaji Umar. They soon find themselves on the run from Alhaji Umar’s criminal friends, a ruthless assassin called the Algerian, and a relentless EFCC detective intent on bringing them in!

It's an edge-of-your-seat thrillride set in the nation's capital that will leave you wanting more!

Check out the full page here...

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